When the Tebeau’s purchased their 36-acre farm in 1996, they had no idea at the time what fate had in store for this limestone soil.


They realized that this was not prime farmland, but that was not why they bought it. It was a love of nature and the rural lifestyle that made this property a great match.


Knowing that grapes love limestone laced soil, it didn’t take long for Bob & Mary to start the research to turn this barren land into a productive vineyard and winery.

2008 Planting:


Noiret (pronounced “nwahr - ay”) - We selected this distinctive red grape for its rich color and for the notes of green and black pepper along with raspberry, blackberry, and some mint aromas.  It has a fine tannin structure that is complete from the front of the mouth to the back.  Chateau Tebeau will age this wine in American Oak to bring out the best of this grapes’ character.


Traminette - Though a fairly new hybrid, we felt this grape deserved a place in our vineyard.  It produces an excellent quality white wine with hints of spice and floral aromas and a distinctive grapefruit finish. Traminette is suited for either a sweet or dry finish.


Frontenac - This red wine grape was not only chosen for its winter hardiness, but also for the deep garnet color that it produces. As a general rule, aroma and flavor characteristics are dominated by a bold cherry note with lesser hints of black current and general red fruit. Earthy and slight herbaceous notes round the palate, supported by a moderate acid backbone. Frontenac can be finished as a sweet, dry or rose` and is known for its excellent quality as a port.


Pinot Gris - This grape found a place in our vineyard as a test plot for growing pure French Varietals.  With its winter sensitivity, we are not sure how it will fair with the Ohio winters.  This 2008 winter temperatures registered at 15 degrees below zero, so our first year was put to an extreme test.  Although it can be a sensitive grape for this climate, we are happy to report that the 2012 vintage is going to be a great one.


2009 Planting:


Vignole (pronounced “veen-yole”) - This French-American Hybrid was chosen for its versatility.  It makes a wine with a sweet and flowery bouquet with a clean crisp pineapple flavor balanced with agreeable acidity.  It finishes as an excellent dry, semi-sweet, or as a dessert wine.


Cabernet Franc - Keeping with our French heritage, Cab Franc was a “must plant” for our vineyard. France has over 35,000 acres planted, by far the most of any wine-producing nation.  Cab Franc shares many of the same aroma compounds as Cabernet Sauvignon (of which it is a parent), but with some noticeable differences.  It tends to have a more pronounced peppery finish with notes of raspberries, black currants, and sometimes violets.



Planting 2013:


With the arrival of 300 Traminette and 300 Cabernet Franc vines this spring, the vineyards will once again be expanded.


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